Eldercaring Coordination


Eight Florida Circuit Courts are currently piloting Eldercaring Coordination; a dispute resolution option for high conflict cases involving issues related to the care and needs of elders. It is meant to compliment and not replace other services or legal representation. Eldercaring Coordination will concentrate on reducing the level of conflict in Florida cases so that family members are able to focus more productively on their personal care, legal advice, advance directives, guidance and planning.

Erika Dine- Established and Experienced Eldercare Coordinator

Erika Dine is one of three individuals chosen in the Twelfth Judicial District to participate in this pilot program. She was chosen for her experience as a Guardianship attorney and her diverse background in the area of elder fraud and exploitation of seniors. Erika has an affinity for facilitating communication in complex Guardianship cases where  family members with conflicting views cannot come to an agreement as to what is in the best interest of the Alleged Incapacitated Person.

As an Eldercare Coordinator, Erika Dine, facilitates more effective and productive communication, negotiation and problem solving skills and is able to help manage high conflict family dynamics so that the elder, family and stakeholders can address their non-legal issues independently from the court, eliminating the need for the court to micromanage their family decision-making. Erika is able to make recommendations for resolutions and make decisions within the scope of a court order or with prior approval of the parties leading to a collaboration of efforts and an effective outcome.