I am a caregiver, business owner and a lawyer focused on improving the quality of life for the elderly, disabled minors and adult children, their caretakers, and their families. As the primary caregiver of two nephews with Autism, including one who is blind, I know the challenges that family members face when trying to find resources and care for their loved ones.

Having experienced those same challenges is what led me to Stetson University College of Law. As the Director of the Elder Consumer Protection Program at Stetson, I learned how to use the law to protect the most vulnerable in our society. As my practice grows and evolves, our mission has not changed; serve the elderly, disabled minors and adult children, their caretakers, and families.

My perspective in counseling has expanded from providing the best legal advice to ensuring each client leaves the office not only with legal advice but with the benefit of my real-­world experiences needed to create a life plan.

We practice law with a team approach to our client’s needs. The “white glove service” we provide is value driven, and it translates into our practice. We are more than just a law firm, we are your friends and neighbors. We don’t focus solely on the bottom line. Instead, our strength lies in the peace of mind we give our clients. We make our clients feel that they matter, and know that their concerns are our concerns.

I chose my profession so that I can help the most vulnerable in our community. As a member of 2015 Leadership Manatee, I experienced the strength that diversity brings to our lives every day. I am proud to call so many people who work in areas like agriculture, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and local government my friends, colleagues, and clients.

Ganhdi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Every day I strive to live my life in the service of others. I believe we cannot be the best version of ourselves without impacting the community and the world around us. Contact us for a consultation, we are here to help everyone in and out of our community.